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The 2kleen Story



We created 2kleen in 2012 and out of that was born 2K Supplies.


Well, we recognised that there was a gap in the market. Somewhere where small businesses and the public could buy the things in smaller quantities that were normally only available to larger consumers.

We also recognised that small businesses want a 'One-Stop Shop' for all the smaller consumable products they use.

So we started putting together a product portfolio that would help.

And then we started getting requests for other products. And more products.

And then we recognised our customers need a location that is handy for tehm to get to.

So we moved. 

And that's were we are now.

A family owned and run business that caters for the smaller consumer. With a desire to help and provide. In a town centre position.

We are proud of the support we have given to a number of local charities, both at a personal level and at a business level.

And we are proud that we are providing somewhere were small businesses can find what they need, without being manipulated by large corporations.

And we are adding more and more products and ranges all the time.

So stick with us, let us know what you think, and we will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

And always remember - keep smiling.


Be Your Best

2K Supplies is committed to being the preferred supplier of cleaning supplies, hygiene & cleaning products to the North West and further afield.

We supply many types of products associated with cleaning and hygiene, janitorial supplies, floor cleaners and other types of safety and hygiene products. We also supply PPE & Workwear and Catering Consumables. 

Our goals are achieved through dedication to customer care and our passionate belief in developing our staff to realise their full potential, for the mutual benefit of our customers and company. Product quality is a top concern at 2K Supplies so you can be sure to get the best and most effective and economical cleaning supplies and cleaning products solutions.



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